A new year so a funky new titling system. Okay it isn’t brilliant but it saves me having to dream up something witty.

The young lady in this update came via a casting call on one of the modelling websites. The session wasn’t one of my best, sometimes you get a bad vibe the moment the model walks through the front door. The results at first glance confirmed my initial feelings but over time they have grown on me. It’s not unusual for this to happen so I’ve learnt to leave an amount of time before judging the fruits of a photo shoot.

The more techie of my viewers will have noticed that I’m still using the old version of WordPress. I tried to update (several times) but it failed so until I find out what is going wrong I’ll leave it be.


The Cutting Room Floor

After the trauma of recovering my home movies for installation onto my Synology NAS I felt I should give video editing another go but it’s been painstakingly slow. I’ve completely lost touch with Final Cut Pro and keep having to refer to online help. Watching tutorials on YouTube they make it look so simple but I’m struggling. Maybe I’m being too fussy with the edits, after all I’m not producing a blockbuster. Keep on trucking Big Ears, practice makes perfect.


This Is The End

Well I’m going to admit defeat. Finding suitable talent is nigh near impossible and I just can’t be arsed to keep trying. Because I’ve nothing better to do this website will drift on in some sort of erratic fashion depending on what I stumble across while pruning the archives but fresh faced newbies will be absent. C’est la vie.