Progress, What Progress

Last Monday I managed to get down the rec with a model to take what will probably be my final outdoor shots of the year. I was using my Sony NEX-5N camera and 35mm f1.8 lens which is very much my default set-up when working outside nowadays. Did I get any cracking snaps? Well no, I’ve struggled to find my mojo this year. As a yardstick I’ve taken to analysing the outdoor “fashion” photos from other photographers and I’ve become more and more dissatisfied with my own efforts. Okay they are certainly using more Photoshop post-processing than I do but that’s not the whole story. I’m thinking that the 35mm lens is not long enough to give a pleasing enough separation between the model and the background and maybe I should go back to where I started and use a 50mm. One step forward, two steps back again, the story of my life.