Should It Stay Or Should It Go

I’m suffering from a touch of GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). I’ve had my iMac for over 7 years now and used it almost every day so surely I can’t be seriously chastised for considering an update. In most respects it still works well until that is it comes to processing the image files from the D810 camera where it definitely struggles. Picking my replacement iMac model is easy, if expensive, but then you have to add on the extra costs of making the legacy hardware and software work. Methinks my credit card could be about to take a humongous hit.


Summer In The City

Okay not quite a city but summer in Rugby, yet again. The holiday season is as good as over and once more I’ve been nowhere other than a handful of day trips. That’s been the story of my life except for when girlfriends have dragged me kicking and screaming further afield. As a child I never had a holiday, we couldn’t afford it, so this reluctance to venture forth into the big wide yonder is deeply ingrained. My idea of a holiday is being stuck inside the Chateau de Vaughan taking snaps of a gorgeous glamour model. C’est la vie.


Eyes Wide Shut

Talking recently to a Canon using photographer friend has opened my eyes to how little I really know about the operation of my Nikon cameras. He was telling me which features on Nikon DSLR’s he preferred to his Canon’s and to be honest I had never heard of them let alone used them. Thinking about it I can’t be using anymore than 10% of what the camera is capable of and have to admit that during many a session I have struggled to remember to turn the thing on.


Spit At Stars

Jack Penate. 2007.

From the (strange) choice of music you have assumed correctly. Yes we have a guest writer!

Zoe says,
I’m much younger than most of you but I think you will love this. Jack Penate has disappeared a bit but this is a noughties classic. Good words and nice tune, just right to wiggle your bum to, so get into the 21st century old-timers!