A new year so a funky new titling system. Okay it isn’t brilliant but it saves me having to dream up something witty.

The young lady in this update came via a casting call on one of the modelling websites. The session wasn’t one of my best, sometimes you get a bad vibe the moment the model walks through the front door. The results at first glance confirmed my initial feelings but over time they have grown on me. It’s not unusual for this to happen so I’ve learnt to leave an amount of time before judging the fruits of a photo shoot.

The more techie of my viewers will have noticed that I’m still using the old version of WordPress. I tried to update (several times) but it failed so until I find out what is going wrong I’ll leave it be.


Damn And Blast

Wouldn’t you just know it. Whilst transferring data to the new NAS I’ve had a few of the old hard disk drives fail, the ones with interesting stuff on like many of my home movies. Typically all the boring data is safe along thankfully with my photos which I’ve always held at least 3 copies of. I kept telling myself that the movie archives should be duplicated but I never got around to doing it. One never learns.


Great Expectations

Booking a fresh face is stressful, you never know what’s going to turn up, if at all. There is the possibility that their portfolio shots are a fantasy concocted in Photoshop and that’s why I find selfies shot on a mobile to be a far better guide. Looking good in a photo is one thing but how well can they pose? In the good old days I had the patience to help a new model along but Mr Grumpy Old Big Ears is a bit on the snappy side and likely to upset a delicate flower. Thinking back to these 4 ladies I can just about recall 2 of them giving me a few minor headaches, I will leave it to you to guess which 2, but I still ended up with usable adult content so no big dramas.