Behold, The Sea Itself

Ralph Vaughan Williams. A Sea Symphony. 1909.

A few hours at the seaside, and a day away from the computer, to de-stress. Staring out to sea tends to have a calming effect on me, I should do it more often, shame I’m a centre of the country based house cat. Cleethorpes was the chosen destination because North Lincolnshire is a part of the country I’ve never visited before so another railway route crossed off my trainspotters bucket list. The town didn’t disappoint being a typical long passed it’s glory days English seaside resort. The 2 largest businesses on the high street appeared to be a mobility scooter centre and a Wetherspoon’s pub. That tells you a lot I think. Still the clean beautiful sandy beach makes up for the rundown nature of the town centre. It’s been almost 50 years since I last gazed out on the North Sea so unless I decide to take the adventurous train journey to Skeggy it could be my east coast swansong.


All Work And No Play

I’m knackered. Dealing with the aftermath of a family death is like tackling an assault course and I’m finding I’m just not fit enough to handle it. My attempt at having a chill-out and forget it all evening in front of the computer with pizza failed when my oven blew up. Typical, it’s only 31 years old! Luckily I have managed to buy and fit a replacement element so may be I’ll have the pizza tonight while working on the next update.


Suntan City

If there’s one piece of advice I can pass on to budding pornographers it’s to avoid working with models who are just back from their holidays. I find trying to get an over tanned pale British skin looking right is a fucking nightmare. I even had problems with it in the good old yesteryears of film. One of the first topless shoots I ever did was with a girl who had just returned from some exotic sun drenched location. In the flesh she looked not too shabby wearing just her white bikini bottoms, with me trying hard not to stare too obviously at her impressive knockers, but the resultant Fuji trannies were too saturated and unusable so I ended up throwing most of them away. I cried. In those days it was a rare event getting to snap a girl topless, any girl, never mind one with outstanding tits like her’s. Luckily a few weeks later I got to shoot her again, in fact she was the first girl I ever did tit and bum shots with, so all ended well.