Match Of The Day

Oh happy days. Pleasant weather and a tall, touching 6 foot, attractive leggy blonde in the rec. When we arrived there was a football game in progress but it only took her a few minutes to stop it dead by continually bending over to adjust her shoes. She was a minx alright. She even offered to prove to the more vocal of the players that she was indeed a real blonde but the dare proved too much for them and they chickened out on the proposal. On leaving the rec she, with a smile and a wave, enticed the attention of a passing dustcart which then proceeded to follow us on the short walk back to my place with her walking provocatively and lapping up the jeers and whistles. The agent who had supplied her warned me that she could be a handful. He wasn’t joking.



David Bowie. 1971.

It’s time for a change to the site. Stuff in general is getting me down. I really need to get out more and spend less time on my computer so I’ve decided to ditch the current update regime. In future they will arrive in a random fashion, more when I really feel like doing one and not because the schedule says there should be one. I’m hoping this break will refresh me and encourage me to try something different. Note, I will still continue to use Twitter to announce updates.


Ready For Lift Off

All being well I will be completing my first proper shoot of the year next week and it will be with a new to me model too. Am I excited about getting fresh content? Well not really. With the urge to try out new lighting set-ups and having a few too many non-photographic problems on my mind it could turn into a bit of a disaster.