Your Sperm’s In The Gutter Your Love’s In The Sink

Jethro Tull. Thick As A Brick. 1972.

I’ve always had an affinity with this lyric because it neatly sums up my life. Yes I’m in a dark reflective mood again. I’ve just passed my leaving work anniversary, one whole year since clocking off. Where did that year go and what have I achieved? Sweet fuck all! I seem to have been born without a shred of ambition. C’est la vie.
Back in the “garden” 2 young ladies who have managed to cheer me up now and again.


Fix You

So I’m lying on the floor trying to get some relief from my sciatica when there is a knock at the door. Oh it’s the practice nurse. She tells me that a bit of exercise will do me good and that we should go for a walk and take a few photos to distract me from the pain. Umm, do you also find your dreams are more vivid if you happen to fall asleep on the floor?