The Casting Couch

So I decided to get my arse in gear and post a casting call seeking suitable fresh talent to grace the green sofa but although the response wasn’t bad I’m finding it exceedingly difficult to get excited about any of the applicants. With few models now able to get my snapshooting juices flowing, my taste buds it seems have been anaesthetised, should I hire someone to do the selection process for me?


Maybe I’m Amazed

Paul McCartney. 1970.

You surely have noticed that I use my Twitter account primarily to broadcast web site updates, plus the occasional retweet of a pretty young lady and the odd bit of humour, therefore I’m somewhat bemused when I get a follow from a business or religious organization. Maybe I have seduced them with my wit and wordsmithery but it doesn’t take them long to correct their error after they have researched the visual content on the site and the shocking truth is revealed.


Don’t Let It Bring You Down

Neil Young. 1970.

Thought I would post something a bit different, probably because I’m feeling depressed. I can’t quite make up my mind whether I should continue pissing into the wind, sorry, try to find new models. It really is that bad, nothing is catching my eye. C’est la vie.


Brand New Day

Sting. 1999.

These are the first snaps from my new D810. Sorry to bombard you with the same model but she is my regular go-to nowadays. Other than my normal resizing I’ve kept post processing to a minimum so you get an idea of what images straight from the camera look like. Lighting levels were constantly changing during the session so no two photos were taken in identical conditions. I was shooting 12 bit compressed raw with a Nikkor 50mm f1.4 lens, the only lens I have suitable for this camera. Settings used were, Matrix Metering (Face Detection On), Aperture Priority (f1.8), Auto ISO, Normal Auto WB, Standard Picture Control, which I converted to my custom Portrait profile in Nikon Capture NX-D during post processing. Overall not bad but I should have used a reflector to kick back some light into the shadows on the indoor shots. The Auto WB worked okay but the Face Detection part of the Matrix Metering didn’t impress me. May be it was ineffective because I wasn’t shooting passport style portraits. There’s still hell of a lot I’ve got to learn about this camera so I’m afraid it’s back to the manual for me.