The Casting Couch

So I decided to get my arse in gear and post a casting call seeking suitable fresh talent to grace the green sofa but although the response wasn’t bad I’m finding it exceedingly difficult to get excited about any of the applicants. With few models now able to get my snapshooting juices flowing, my taste buds it seems have been anaesthetised, should I hire someone to do the selection process for me?


Correct Exposure Blues

Does anyone still use a handheld light meter? Well I do indoors and I find it is hard to beat the good old incident meter reading for flash or ambient light. I’ve been using a Minolta IV F meter for a number of years, before that a couple of Gossens, and back in the late 60’s a Weston Master V. Remember them? I bought my Weston in a camera shop in Gainsborough, I was working at West Burton power station at the time, a¬†shy naive teenage apprentice. I wish I could say they were happy days but alas no. I hung on to that Weston for many years and I regret selling it on because I’m pretty sure I could do a better job with it now than the built-in metering in a DSLR. Methinks I might just head over to eBay and see what’s on offer.


Here Comes The Night

Them. 1965.

I don’t like to depress you all, well actually I do, but we have passed the summer solstice and are now in the headlong rush back to winter. So how’s the year been going photographically? Piss-poor methinks. I’ve only shot 2 models, one new and my muse, who has put up with my grumbling while I’ve sorted out the settings on the D810 camera. I’ve not given up the search for fresh talent though, I check the casting calls daily but sadly nothing looks suitable. Most amateur/part time models only seem to be interested in arty projects, Mummy and Daddy wouldn’t be impressed if their darling daughter flashed her fanny for anything less. Do I detect a smidgen of sour grapes Big Ears? Hell yes!