Coventry City FC.

With the Sky Blues being the closest decent football club, I use that term very loosely, I like to take more than a passing interest in their performances. With all their considerable failings you really do get a season full of drama and excitement. Before Christmas there is the fight to avoid promotion, followed by the inevitable post Christmas fight to avoid relegation. There can’t be many clubs in the mid table mediocrity that give such value for money.


Sod’s law.

Before the launch of this redesigned website I did a month of vigorous testing to make sure everything worked. Getting movies to display correctly turned out to be the most problematic but in the end I sorted it. Guess what? I come to post a movie on the live site and fuck me it doesn’t work. The best laid plans etc. etc. Back to studying the WordPress help pages methinks.


Hello, or should it be goodbye?

Here we go again. Another reincarnation of the long running saga that is SNAPSHOTS of GIRLS. This version is going to disappoint. I’m sorry but I’ve grown tired of the website update drudgery and the vagaries of some so called models. I have reached bus pass age, the lure of falling asleep in front of the telly is getting harder to resist. The excitement I once got from snapping a nekkid young lady has been replaced by the finger numbing thrill of a game of virtual table tennis on the iPhone. It’s just as much fun and less of a pain in the arse in the long run methinks. All things must pass. I wonder if I will cheer up when the weather gets warmer.