Statistics and lies.

I’ve just had a look at the website stats and a couple of things have surprised me. It is a well known fact that the more cunt you show the more hits you get but one of my most popular posts is of a girl showing hardly any flesh at all. The other stat that I find strange is the amount of referral traffic I’m getting because of one particular model but when the punters reach my site they don’t bother with her and look at other girls instead. Confusing indeed.


Well here we are heading towards the end of summer and I’ve yet to shoot a model outdoors this year. I am really beginning to think I’m scared of daylight. I can’t blame the weather. No heatwave but warm enough for a young lady to romp about the fields in her knickers. Rain? Very little of that in Rugby so far this year. No, it must be me being too lazy to find some suitable local locations, booking a model, and just fucking doing it.


Cocky fucker.

Many people think I’m a lazy cunt whose photo shoots consist entirely of models, in and out of their knickers, flopping around on the green sofa. Well check these snaps out suckers. Natural light, no fill, lens wide open. Christ, if I had shot them in black and white I could almost have called it fine art. That was a bit over the top I know but I’m proud of these snaps and they go some way to justifying the money I paid out on a 50mm f1.4 lens. I’m going to be a bit controversial now and say I also like the quality of the bokeh this lens gives. Bokeh, fuck off Big Ears you haven’t a clue what it is. Okay, I admit even after reading through the Wikipedia explanation twice I’m still a bit vague to what the fuck it is, but, lots of know it all cunts, sorry photographers, use the word all the time on their blogs so if I want this site to to appear at least half as clever as theirs I’m going to have to throw in a few technical words every now and then.