1) What’s the point of this website?
I stumbled into photographing girls sometime during the early 80’s and it seemed a shame to just leave the results gathering dust in a filing cabinet.

2) Why are the girls not named?
This is an adult orientated website of sorts but that does not mean all the girls featured work to nude levels. To protect the innocent I have chosen to keep them anonymous.

3) Why don’t you post all the photos from the sets?
I can’t be arsed to process the complete sets so I just pick a representative selection.

4) Are you willing to sell any of the sets?
It’s just not worth the effort. See question 3.

5) Would you call yourself a GWC?
Too bloody right! I’m a GWC (Gentleman With Camera) and proud of it. Men who take photos of sexually attractive young women and claim they are doing it for artistic reasons are deluded cunts.

6) Where do you find the girls?
Most of the models are found through casting calls on the usual well known model portfolio hosting websites.

7) Are there any movies?
Please see the Movies page for details.

8) I don’t get the site’s header picture.
You have to be a local to appreciate Rugby’s most outstanding architectural feature.