Front Door Frights

All manner of surprises await you when opening the door to a new model. In this case it was Jesus Christ she doesn’t look old enough! It was a good job she had her driving license with her or I wouldn’t have let her in. She was an inexperienced amateur, the variety that more often than not will chicken out and no show you, so I had nothing set-up which was a pity because she turned out to be a little beauty.


4 thoughts on “Front Door Frights”

  1. Roger
    I imposed myself to another 3 week exile to “cure the habit” and the first thing I see on return is this………………she is so sweet and innocent but just oozes sex appeal. I hope she was not just wearing the jeans and the pink panties when you opened the door? Thank you Roger.

  2. James Mc >>>
    I’ve already posted several sets of her and these are about the last usable snaps. I’ve never seen her on any other site which is a shame.

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