Well I finally got off my fat arse and had an adventure. When I say got off my arse I mean I sat on several trains for over 8 hours taking a day return to Skegness. My mission was to see the sea, tricky thing at Skeggy, it involves what seems to be a 1/2 mile hike over heavy wet sand to reach the shore line. Beautiful, I can stare at the sea for hours, well under an hour on this occasion because I wanted to get home at a reasonable time. The town was busy, so busy I had to use my elbows to fight my way down the high street, but on reaching the beach it was deserted except for me and a couple of others. Okay the weather was a touch blowy, or should that be bracing, but that’s no excuse for not wanting to enjoy the views of the Lincs Offshore Wind Farm and the muddy coloured North Sea. Rob chastised me for airing my opinions on Brighton so I won’t say anything against Skegness. Fuck it! I’ve never seen so many ugly people gathered in one place!