Death Of An Electric Citizen

I was sorting through a box of trannies when I happened upon a couple of nice sets shot one summer in the back jungle, sorry I meant garden. I thought they would make a jolly good update so I booted up the scanner to copy them across to the computer. Everything looked okay except the computer refused to acknowledge the existence of the scanner. Bollocks! With some excellent support from the writer of the VueScan software I use I’ve done a bit of testing but the only conclusion that can be drawn is sadly my scanner has kicked the bucket, well the thingy that controls the connection anyway. I’m not amused. A repair isn’t cheap and probably a waste of money because having bought it back in 2001 (cost almost £1000) it’s ancient technology and there is no guarantee it will work with any new computer I buy. I’m afraid my trannie collection will have to be marked out of bounds until I find the cash for a replacement.