The Russians Are Coming

Checking the web site stats the other day I noticed a large number of hits coming from Russia. Now whether these are real visits or spambots doing what spambots do I know not. I do find it amusing though that such a minor presents like SNAPSHOTS of GIRLS gets such attention and I wonder what happens on the mega sites. Other than the constant stream of rubbish spam posted in the comments, which I trap and delete daily, I haven’t noticed anything untoward which I suppose I should be grateful for.


3 thoughts on “The Russians Are Coming”

  1. Roger
    How come this one got through to the sofa with that massive tat? Must have been a surprise.
    You are lucky if you are only now getting the “bot” problem. We do a lot of business in China and have had horrendous problems despite our wonderful IT lady!
    Keep up the good work.

  2. the Russian interest is fairly harmless. They are only fishing for you bank account details. Nice looking girl. Cheshiremaster Ru.

  3. Roger, the Russian’s are just probably looking for a back door…..looking closely at picture number seven, it looks like they have found one……

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