Sony Adventures

Although the bulk of my snapping is now done with a Nikon D810 I still occasionally use my Sony NEX-5N when working outdoors or when I’m feeling adventurous indoors under tricky lighting conditions. The results tend to be more miss than hit, probably because I don’t pay enough attention to the settings, I still find the controls on a single lens reflex type of camera easier to use. Here are a selection of passable shots plucked from a large number of candidates for the dustbin.


5 thoughts on “Sony Adventures”

  1. Your bins would be well worth a rummage through, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, a pleasurable set of erotica, difficult to choose a favourite but number 9 will take some beating, that look in her eye.

  2. Roger, given the distractions of the naked nubile lovelies in front of your lens it’s surprising you pay any attention to the camera settings. There has been the odd moment in my past when photographing a naked or nearly naked lovely that I have temporarily forgotten I even have a camera. I am very impressed you still have the presence of mind to fiddle with the knobs…..

  3. Mark >>>
    One has to maintain one’s professional standards while in the presents of said young ladies.

  4. Roger (and the regulars!)
    Back from my long road trip, tried to keep off the porn…………..unsuccessful. Realized I must be an addict so no going back to rehab.
    What a delight to return to, as you know I don’t know my Nikon from my Sony, but I do know a cute lady or two when I see them.
    #1 is refreshing. Roger don’t recall seeing her before in all the years but please prove me wrong and post some more of her.

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