Splendid Isolation

Not since the long gone days of the camera clubs have I discussed the ups and downs of my adventures with other photographers but recently I’ve felt the need to discover if it’s just me having problems finding suitable talent. If you follow the modelling web site forums everything seems to be hunky-dory so is it only me who’s cursed? Nowadays many girls want to pick and choose how they are portrayed, which is okay to a point, but some of the photos on their portfolios are a long way from being art and surely it’s the tacky glamour scene where the money is, what little there is left in internet modelling that is. So if you are a fellow “artist” I really would like to know how you are fairing in your quest for models.


2 thoughts on “Splendid Isolation”

  1. Alas Roger, I think you’re not the only one suffering with errant model issues and I don’t mean that part of your Airfix model kit is missing. Though it should be said that in its day that was a tragedy beyond compare, as was gluing yourself to the model, though that was more of a risk in my later photographic days. It’s fair to say that I get either no response, or one of 3 following responses, namely 1’st the monosyllabic “this is going to be hard work response”, 2’nd it’s the “yes I would love to shoot with you, only I have a “insert the appropriate condition here” and finally the “yes I would love to shoot with you on the following conditions “insert your balls here” so as you can see you’re not the only one hankering after the simplicity of yesteryear….

  2. hate it when girls play the ‘artistic’ card. They are employed to show their bits for the gratification of old men. What could me more straightforward? Nice looking young lady.

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