Keep An Eye On The Quiet Ones

A none too subtle set of snaps of another of my favourite models. One more of the still waters run deep clan. Technical information? You must be joking but I think this is pre expensive standard zoom lens era so probably shot with a kit zoom. If the girl is beautiful enough who’s looking at the sharpness of the lens! Lighting looks like my typical couple of studio lights with white brollies.


2 thoughts on “Keep An Eye On The Quiet Ones”

  1. Great pictures again and clearly a woman who knows how to multi task, though I like the ambition of attempting to get two toys into her tight little chuff, that was never going to work. So Roger, were you being helpful suggesting that one in each may be the way to go? What a true gent you are……..

  2. Nice looking young lady but the pink prosthetic leaves one feeling a little inadequate. Looks like she receives guests at the back door too, what a star.

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