Should It Stay Or Should It Go

I’m suffering from a touch of GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). I’ve had my iMac for over 7 years now and used it almost every day so surely I can’t be seriously chastised for considering an update. In most respects it still works well until that is it comes to processing the image files from the D810 camera where it definitely struggles. Picking my replacement iMac model is easy, if expensive, but then you have to add on the extra costs of making the legacy hardware and software work. Methinks my credit card could be about to take a humongous hit.


2 thoughts on “Should It Stay Or Should It Go”

  1. well you can’t take the Vaughan millions with you so get it spent and enjoy it. The second girl is as cute as a button. Looks like a librarian. Does it for me!

  2. Roger, you should consider your iMac investment as stimulating the economy, in return your investment stimulates the viewers of your blog. Talking of which, I would love to see what the first girl is hiding in those pretty knickers……

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