5 thoughts on “Bum’s Rush”

  1. My goodness, I thought it was hot outside today, it just got hotter – this trio of tasty backsides has sent more than my temperature rising, I think I’ve over heated! What a lovely view.

  2. Fantastic pictures again Roger. Some very delectable derrières there although I might take issue with your title for these images, I don’t think I would want to rush any of those bums….now take your time bums might be much more appropriate title……

  3. just when I thought I had my arse addiction under control, these excellent pictures have sent my BP sky high again. Yes you certainly can beat a beautiful bottom as I have proved on several occasions.

  4. No 1 is a great model, got a shoot coming up with her soon. Keep up the good work on your little corner of the internet.

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