Pretty Party Frocks

Something I miss now that I’m in a sort of photographic semi retirement is young ladies turning up at the Chateau de Vaughan and showing me their party frocks, and what they intended to wear underneath. I can’t ever remember going to an office party where the females wore anything provocative but then again I worked in a overwhelmingly male environment.


8 thoughts on “Pretty Party Frocks”

  1. nobody ever shows me what they have underneath these days! She is a cutie. Looks like the girl next door type with just a hint of naughtiness. Excellent work.

  2. I have to admit its a long while since I got anywhere near what was under a “frock” at an office party, but I do certainly remember it happening in the past! Interesting lady. Roger was she a professional or just wanting a set of shots to see if being a model would work? She has that relaxed innocence which makes the pictures so charming.

  3. Rob >>>
    Her bf contacted me saying she would love to do a photoshoot. She was quiet as a mouse but you know what they say, still waters run deep! There are a few other photos I would love to show but I’m not sure I have permission.

  4. Even sexier knowing she was as quiet as a mouse. One of the cutest little cunts you’ve ever photographed I think.

  5. Another fine sample of your excellent work. I agree with the above comments, there is a relaxed innocence with this model which is very natural, most models I have worked with soon lose that charm. I am glad you found her deeper waters, I am sure I am not alone in wanting to see much more of your extensive archive.

  6. Very sexy! I remember some other shots of her from back in the day. Would love to see some more of her, especially if you get permission!

  7. Roger
    I am sure the bf would have been pleased with the result and I bet the still waters ran even deeper that night and some of it got spilt!
    I add my name to the list that would like to see any more shots if you can get the permission!!!!

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