Get Your Motor Runnin’

Over the last few weeks I’ve finally got started on trying to find a fresh face or 2 to snap but so far I’ve had no success. I must be honest with you though and admit I’ve not been searching too hard. I’ve lost interest. I don’t know whether to blame the tablets I’m taking or my age but the number of women who are grabbing my attention at the moment can be counted on the toes of one hand. Hobbies are meant to be enjoyable but I’m finding the whole business of photographing young ladies to be as exciting as an afternoon weeding the garden, not that you would catch me doing that, so I’m asking myself why bother. That’s my dilemma. This week I will be working with a model I already know so fingers crossed she might kick-start my photographic engine back into life, that or I could be dyeing my fingers green.