Don’t Thread On The Flowers

Somethings you have to get your head around when photographing young ladies and one of them is you are not going to get along with all of them. Women are from Venus and men are from Uranus. I find it strange that some models work all around the world with all sorts of photographers and yet are so naive and easily offended. I have a tendency to call tits tits and cunt cunt so when working with a new face I have to tell myself to go softly softly until I find out how the land lies. Here are 2 models who just about put up with my plain talking and were an absolute pleasure to have visit the Chateau de Vaughan. Definitely 2 of my favourites.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Thread On The Flowers”

  1. Well Roger I am totally with you there, never been one for too much PC! You are so right – tits and tits as in “get yer tits out!” and a cunt is a cunt and we all know what its designed for. Two delightful ladies. Always had a soft spot (but not for long!) for the second lady.

  2. I think that’s perfectly acceptable. After all the young ladies must realise they’re not having their pictures taken for a family album but will be helping old boys like me, well, crack one off! By the way delightful titties and very pretty neat cunt on the blonder one here. Guess what I’m going to do?

  3. I think ‘tits’ is fairly inoffensive but I insist on the use of the ‘c’ word. After all it is a Cunt. Nothing describes it better. It is in the dictionary and used in Chaucer. However it must never be used as a term of abuse. Both of these girls have beautiful cunts but I have a weakness for dark haired beauties, especially with her broader hips and amazingly aroused nipples. Once again Roger, thanks.

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