8 thoughts on “Photographer To The Rich And Famous”

  1. whoever she is the sister of……you certainly made her feel excited Roger……….or is it just always cold at Cement Towers!

  2. It is definitely Pamela Anderson’s younger sister. The one who works in McDonald’s in Northampton. Her organ stops say she is enjoying herself and that lovely smile confirms it. Sexy lips and a great arse, she is fabulous. Thank you Roger. Zoe?

  3. Pamela Anderson is a local where I live and is occasionally seen around. When I was building house a few years ago the driver of the crane (for lifting some very large timbers) was terribly excited one morning and explained that he had stopped to help someone changing a wheel. The daughter of the elderly owner reminded him of P.A. and he mentioned this to the old guy. Who shouted to his daughter, “Hey Pam, this guy thinks you look like Pamela Anderson!”. Crane driver is a happy man with a cute selfie-background on his phone.

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