Things Can Only Get Better

Things are not looking good. An inexperienced model doing adult and she’s brought her boyfriend along. This is a recipe for disaster. I start to make the best of a bad job but it doesn’t take long for my mood to brighten, she loves the camera and the camera loves her. Her boyfriend, sat less than 6′ away, is forgotten. She doesn’t seek his approval when I ask her to open her legs, she is eager to please. Let’s move onto the toys. She doesn’t have one but they have stopped off at the supermarket for a cucumber. Fuck me, they must have bought the biggest one there. She’s not much more than 5′ nothing, where the hell is she going to put it. A few minutes later I find out exactly where she is going to put it. What a star. I had this little bet with myself that at the first available lay-by on the journey home her boyfriend pulled over and fucked her brains out. I wonder if I won.