Damn And Blast

Wouldn’t you just know it. Whilst transferring data to the new NAS I’ve had a few of the old hard disk drives fail, the ones with interesting stuff on like many of my home movies. Typically all the boring data is safe along thankfully with my photos which I’ve always held at least 3 copies of. I kept telling myself that the movie archives should be duplicated but I never got around to doing it. One never learns.


8 thoughts on “Damn And Blast”

  1. Does this mean the footage of a certain young lady who went on to make a career out of dealing with naughty boys has been lost forever? I lost my copy under similar circumstances last year but couldn’t find a replacement. Three fabulous girls this time. The first girl I remember well as having an amazing, fit for purpose, big arse. The second girl is really attractive. The third girl, displaying her assets on the landing in shots 11 and 12, has me reaching for my tablets. Excellent work. There should be a national archive of your work and obviously a blue plaque attached to your settee when you finally leave us!

  2. Roger – Would it be Rugby’s first Blue Plaque???? If not it should be, an excellent suggestion. Then there could be one in the garden…….the children’s playground and down by the canal bridge as well.

  3. cheshiremaster >>>
    Several of the young ladies who have graced the green sofa have gone on to make a career in disciplining naughty gentlemen, well there are lot of us about. Not all the movies are lost, I guest about 60% of them.

  4. Love the last girl displaying her undercarriage on the landing! Would love to see more of her!

  5. Roger, I really sympathise with your loss….whilst backing up data can be a real pain, its not as painful as loosing the data. Perhaps, in order to ensure the videos you have left are not lost to your ardent fans perhaps you should post them here?……I hope that sounded convincing and not a thinly veiled attempt for more quality smut!!

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