One Big Yawn

I’m an expert on boredom, and being boring, but when it comes to transferring data between computer systems even I contemplate suicide. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time over the last week or so moving data from my present set-up/mess to my new NAS and it’s been a mare. I was hoping I could copy it in a few large chucks but that just kept crashing my computer so I’ve had to babysit the process gigabyte by gigabyte. I’ve still got a weeks worth of files to go so if you don’t hear from me again I’ve topped myself.


5 thoughts on “One Big Yawn”

  1. A lucky man having this luscious beauty on your sofa, many a load has been spilt over this gorgeous creature, she can instruct me anytime. Nice panties too, a ten on the knicker scale.

  2. prefer this young lady in her green gym knickers but what a fabulous pair of big naturals.

  3. I have to agree with Zoe 10/10 on the knicker front, though if Zoe wears them they could be 11/10….thinking about it Roger, I feel duty bound to offer my services as custodian of you image archive, I will happily host all of your images here, I make this offer purely out of professional courtesy and in no way an attempt to get my grubby mitts on your fantastic archive of smut, honest Guv!!…….oh bugger…who am I kidding!!

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