The Early Bird

Surprisingly I’ve decided to be a bit more proactive and check out the available talent earlier this year. Not much seems to have changed from recent times though. Suitable fresh faces are thin on the ground and are either too far away or too expensive. Having an extensive if one dimensional back catalogue of snaps to post means I could go a few years without arranging a new shoot and that looks likely unless there is a dramatic improvement in the situation.


2 thoughts on “The Early Bird”

  1. Roger
    Although I like many enjoy the “back catalogue” as we all have our favourites. Your skills are lost to the world if you don’t get out of the house and find some new talent. Think of all those pervs who watched you snapping in the kids park and by the canal……let alone by the windows and in the back garden…….a loss to the world.

  2. Very nice Roger. I like the third one topless. Great expression and we will just have to use our imagination as to what is inside her panties!

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