What Happened To 2017

The older you get the quicker the years pass. 2017 was a typical Big Ears year, that’s right nothing exciting happened. A lack of cash and suitable talent within striking distance of Rugby meant I managed far fewer shoots than previous years. By suitable I mean free of large tattoos. The unmarked models are now such a sought after commodity they can bump their rates up, I don’t blame them, and the good ones are booked months in advance. Highlight of my year was, don’t laugh, standing virtually alone on Skegness beach. Sadly it was more exhilarating than any of my shoots. C’est la vie. Oh, and Happy New Year everyone.


3 thoughts on “What Happened To 2017”

  1. well we are now into 2018…………….anything changed?
    Two wonderful beaming smiles to open the year……….and a few other cute attributes too.
    Roger I know you want to get more live “Action without Tats” but honestly just reviewing and posting from your archive certainly has its attractions…..
    Hope you have a healthier and less challenging 2018. Keep up the good work mate much appreciated how your galleries help me through the day!

  2. Happy New Year Roger……10/10 for the undies on the second model….hopefully 2018 will be “Tat” free for you…….

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