Pretentious Codswallop

I’m not one to dwell on TV adverts but when it comes to the campaigns for expensive perfumes, male and female, I’m left dumbfounded. What the hell are they about. The visual symbolism goes way above my head and I’m pretty sure the “creatives” involved have been snorting far too much of that white powder. What we need is some straight forward no nonsense imagery so here’s a few more of my outdoor snaps.


3 thoughts on “Pretentious Codswallop”

  1. Roger
    Thank you for the early Christmas present. A real chocolate box selection! Love the pigtails and the knickers, the jet black hair (Dyed or natural?) and the big panties. Once again you have been corrupting the mums in the children’s playground into showing off their red knickers…….naughty ladies…………..and finally a set of quality NN pictures of my absolute fav! What more could a red blooded man desire………..
    Thank you for the pleasure you have brought throughout 2017. Long may it continue.
    Hope you have a great Christmas and a great 2018. Keep up the great work and keep your shutter clicking!!!!

  2. another four beauties including one of my all time favourites on the bottom. Thanks for all your hard work this year Roger and I hope you have a good Xmas. Happy Xmas Zoe. I shall look forward to 2018!

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