Wintertime Blues

It’s miserable outside so time to dig into the filing cabinet and find some photos taken on warmer happier days. Model number one, a cheeky blonde snapped in the back garden. The second set were taken at the bus stop just around the corner from my place. Passing motorists were most appreciative judging by the number of catcalls and car horns we got, or should that be she got. The final set shot in my usual happy hunting ground, the local rec.


2 thoughts on “Wintertime Blues”

  1. Well Roger its fair to say this trio of lovies would warm up many a winter day….though perhaps you should advise AA Road watch to introduce another category, to explain the delays caused on the Queens highway by one of your many muses stripping off by the road side.

  2. These are the three Angels that caused the 3 wise me to come – opps I meant arrive – after Christmas! Roger you spoil us with such an early present………on a more PC note! I assume the lady took the car numbers of those who wolf whistled and reported them and as for you and the young lady in the children’s playground! Both of you are old enough to know better…….or was she one of the mums anyway?

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