4 thoughts on “Convalescence”

  1. I think you can have an injection which reduces the chances of your shingles returning. The first girl is seriously cute but the second girl looks like an old hand. If you will pardon the pun.

  2. cheshiremaster >>>
    I found out about the injection from a poster in the doctors waiting room. Bit late when you already have it. I’m told it’s given as standard to over 70’s.
    Both girls were of similar experience when I snapped them and both went on to bigger things in adult entertainment.

  3. I can believe that both of them went on to “bigger things” in adult entertainment. They look like they were both experienced enough for that, especially the “blonde” lady

  4. Having had shingles I can totally understand how you feel. There is an inoculation that can give around 6 years protection, but you usually only find out about it after your first infection. It is worth considering in the future as a precaution.

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