Another Fine Mess

A few weeks ago I said I would report back on how I got on using the Hasselblad 120mm lens on my Nikon D810. Well the results were disappointing with all of the photos suffering from a lack of sharpness. I thought the problem would be manually focusing but in fact it was holding the combination steady that proved impossible. All of my shooting over the last 20 years or so has been with lenses in the 35mm to 85mm range so I’ve lost the knack of supporting a telephoto lens, even a short one. The situation wasn’t helped by a dose of old-age pensioners shaky hands so next time I use this lens I will definitely be employing a tripod. Here are some snaps from the shoot. The first set were taken with the usual Nikkor 50mm, and the second the Hasselblad 120mm. I’ve added some sharpening in Photoshop to try and hide the softness of the second set.